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Artwork Specifications for Film Preparation

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All artwork must be complete and saved in a suitable Mac format otherwise additional costs may be incurred. Process colour artwork must be saved as CMYK (not RGB) and picture resolutions to be 300 dpi.

Artwork is to be supplied complete, to size and correctly impostioned on CD-R, Zip (100MB), Dat Data tape, or Syquest 44, 88, 200Mb. in the following page layout programs:

- QuarkXpress Ver 6.0

- Pagemaker Ver 6.5

As well as the following illustration and graphics packages

- Illustrator Ver 11

- Photoshop Ver 6.0

- In Design Ver CS

Where the accepted file formats are not available Adobe Acrobate PDF’s are to be supplied.

(Note. PDF files will be run as supplied and cannot be altered for size, content, colour, etc. Ensure that in the PDF Settings the “Job Option” used to create the PDF is “Press/Print Optimised”, not “Screen Optimised” otherwise the printed result will be in a very low resolution.)

All placed images must be supplied and be in either EPS or Tiff formats. We cannot accept Jpegs or EPS files with Jpeg encoding. All colour scans must be in CMYK at a resolution of 300dpi. 

All screen and printer fonts must be supplied including those used in any illustration files. (Adobe Type 1 fonts are preferred over True Type fonts). 

To produce the screens for printing onto the disc, we need to produce separate pieces of film for each colour to be printed and each separation must have the Pantone Matching System (PMS) number clearly stated (minimum of 12 pts in bold type face outside the image area). 

Keylines must be removed and registration marks must be shown on all colour separations. Full colour printing requires a colour digital or chemical proof to be supplied.

The minimum size for text in positive print is 5pt. and 7pt for text in negative print (reversed out). The minimum size for lines in positive print is 0.15mm and 0.25mm for lines in negative print (reversed out).

Printing onto the disc requires film positives, right reading emulsion side up.

Please note that the film specifications for printing a 4 colour process disc label are as follows.

Screen ruling: 133 or 150 line per inch

Screen angle: Yellow 90°

Cyan 75°

Magenta 45°

Black 105°

Type of dots: Elliptic

Density range: Highlights 15%

Shadows 80%

Proof Type: Colour digital or chemical Proof

It is pointed out that PMS colours printed directly onto the CD’s metal surface can appear slightly different in colour than those printed on paper. There can be a variation of the colour between the proof and the final printed disc. Where a white base or specific colour is required as a base coat for the CD, film must also be supplied to ensure exact registration of label print.